Carribean Union Adventist Church

A church that observes Saturday as the seventh day of the week. Characterize by its emphasis on the imminent Second coming of Jesus Christ.

Welcome to our church, as you take time looking around on our website, see what we are about. We at Carribean Union Adventist Church you will find a young, vibrant, loving church family that will welcome you with open arms. Our focus is on the love and grace of our Lord Jesus Christ in our sermon. And with a desire to live out the love of Jesus in our mission as well. 

Our Value

The Love of Christ

We at Carribean Union Adventist Church, we believe that God has bestowed on each one of us is a priceless gift. We are also convicted that He wants to use us to reflect His love to others that don’t know Him.

Christian Education

Church school is one of the biggest is of our ministry for our church family. We have a different level to serve students. The students receive the benefits of teachers that offer top-quality academic instruction, mentorship, Christian instruction, and spiritual guidance. The church family truly would not be the same without the blessing of the Caribbean Union Adventist Church School.


Our church has lots of young families. The highest priority in our church is family and our youth. Every Saturday our church are divided according to their level of generation for Saturday morning classes, we have for kids, or Pathfinders and adventurer those who belong here are kids from 5th to 8th-grade ministry. The green room for high school ministry. We always have something happenings for our young people. Also, we give outreach events for our young people and their family for them to engage in the service together. 


Our church is committed to the gospel of caring and sharing, preaching the everlasting gospel, promoting a philosophy of education. This involves the harmonious development of the head, the heart, and the hand. 


Our Mission is to prepare the people of the region for the glorious second coming of Jesus Christ through the proclamation of the everlasting gospel. And to make loving, obedient disciple of Jesus Christ, who experience His transforming grace, will go forth under the power of the Holy Spirit. To share cheerfully with others the good news of salvation.


Through the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, we see a united, praying, consecrated force of ministers and layperson, old and young, male and female. With the Word of God and the cross of Christ, we aggressively and efficiently fulfilling the gospel commission.


Our church believes:

The Bible is the inspired word of God and that it was written to show us a clear picture of Jesus Christ.

God is the eternal Father the Creator of all things and that He longs to spend eternity with each of us.

Jesus Christ is eternal and fully Son of God.

The Holy Spirit is eternal and he gives spiritual gifts to the church, He equips and empowers the believers for ministry.


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